Second Trimester: Round Two

Well, just as most pregnant women experience, I have had some improvements since my first trimester, which I blogged about here.    Life has gone from a nauseous, exhausted (EXHAUSTED), acne-filled mess to a much more tolerable pregnant state (plus, I found out it’s a girl which is so exciting!).  My skin and hair still aren’t as radiant and healthy as they were during my first pregnancy, but they’re a bit better than they were.  I’m still rather tired, but either it’s gotten better or I’m simply used to it by now.  And the nausea is definitely much less.  In fact, it doesn’t even happen every day now. 

Something that has been generally better during this pregnancy than my first is my ability to control my emotions.  I mean, sure.  I still get emotional and moody at times.  But it’s a huge improvement from my first go round.  Huge.  While I truly believe that  pregnant women absolutely cannot avoid the start of an emotional or moody moment, I also believe that with some practice we can calm down pretty quickly in order to avoid things getting really dramatic.  After our ridiculous experience with a pizza delivery guy during my first pregnancy (took too long, I refused to eat it when it finally arrived, I cried hysterically, screamed at my husband, he screamed back…see?  Ridiculous…) I’m sure my husband can recognize the huge improvement this time.  Not only did I bring it down a notch (or 12), but he also handles me better.  If I’m moody for whatever reason, I simply let him know the deal and he pretty much backs off.  We make a pretty good pregnant team, if I do say so myself. 

But with the positives of the second trimester, there have most certainly been negatives.  I’ve been sick twice, both times of which were during the holidays.  Bummerrrr.  In fact, I might just be getting sick again (thanks, preschool).  My baby bump seems to have grown at warp speed the past couple of weeks.  I’m certainly bigger right now than what I was at this point in time with my son.  He ended up being 10.5 pounds at birth.  I’m hoping the whole theory of “girls are generally smaller than boys at birth” rings true for me.  Hell, if she’s anything under 10 pounds we’ll all think she’s “small”.  We are amazon people, after all.  I’m 5’10”, my husband is 6’3″ and many of my family members are tall.  I have a brother that’s 6’7″.  Round ligament pain has been pretty major during this entire pregnancy.  If I move the wrong way or stand up too fast I feel a deep pain in my abdomen that pretty much sucks.  Sometimes I stand up slower than your grandma does and proceed to walk hunched over as I gradually raise my body to a normal walking position.  I’m sure it’s super attractive.  Oh, and the pee.  I have definitely peed on myself (just a tiny bit, but still) at least once so far.  It happened during a sneeze.  What is up with that?  Apparently the fact that I had a c-section doesn’t magically make the incontinence issue non-existent.  Awesome.

As you’re now envisioning me as a fairly unattractive pregnant lady that moves slow, walks partially hunched over, cries during American Idol (and Ellen, and Bethenny, and the Housewives) and appears to be 2 months further along than she is, I must have you know that I am also genuinely happy.  How weird is that?  That’s why I always say that pregnancy truly is a weird thing.  How in the hell can I be having one of the happiest times of my entire life with all of this pregnant chick drama?  It just proves that the power of love is much greater than any other.  And it may also prove that pregnancy brain really exists and includes us losing our sanity and logic just a bit, and just long enough to reach the destination of childbirth.  😉

A comparison of my first pregnant belly and this one.  You can see that this time it's definitely popping out there faster.
A comparison of my first pregnant belly and this one. You can see that this time it’s definitely popping out there faster.
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