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How do you teach kindness?

We want to feature YOU on our Parenting List of Kindness!

Do you enforce good manners?  Did you teach your child to hold the door open for others?  Does your family volunteer for a charity?  Do you talk about bullying?  Kind Kiddo is creating the ultimate Parenting List of Kindness featuring all of the ways our readers teach kindness to their kiddos.

To be featured on the list, tell us how you teach kindness at home and your name in an email to  Submissions due by March 22, 2017.



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5 Ways to Help Your Partner After They Give Birth

Giving birth is most definitely the biggest thing I’ve ever done in my life.  It’s wonderful, crazy, emotional, painful, wild, weird and beautiful.  There’s nothing like it.  And just when we birth-givers begin to feel a bit of relief after our bundle of joy has finally entered the world, we realize there are still miles and miles and miles of things coming our way that can be quite difficult to handle.  Having a caring and helpful partner can be an absolute lifesaver.  Here are 5 great ways you can help your partner after they’ve recently given birth. Continue reading