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Father of Three Starts Honey Farm Bringing Extra Sweetness to his Family

Have you ever wanted to just try something new and different and unique, but never did because you were scared or doubtful?  It’s tough to jump out on a limb and take on a new activity, career or adventure.  Tough or not, Tod Tracy, went for it.  This married father of 3 jumped out on that limb AND took his family with him for the ride!

Tod, his wife, Teah, and their 3 children (along with some dogs and chickens and now, bees, of course) live on a bit of land about an hour south of Houston, TX.  Teah had already left her previous career as a teacher to become a successful Young Living Essential Oils Distributor, working from anywhere and enjoying a less traditional and super interesting line of work.  And it seems that the unconventional bug bit Tod, too.  He began researching honey bees and became fascinated with them.  This busy family man who holds down a full-time job, not only decided to reach out to a local bee club for more information, but also to multiple local bee farmers, one of which he actually helped with his bees voluntarily on his days off.  “That’s when I knew that this is what I wanted to do, especially when I saw you could make a living at it,” Tod said.

So, sure enough, Tod and Teah got their honey farm up and running not long after, and their lives are forever changed.  Just like any sort of farming, there is a lot of maintenance involved in having a honey farm.  “There is more maintenance required with the equipment than the actual bees” Tod explains.  Wondering if he gets stung often?  He says it happens.  Maybe not as much as you think.  But he also chooses not to wear a bee suit, so that increases the odds of a sting, of course.  And, how is the new business affecting the entire family?  Tod tells us, “My kids are exposed to real, hard, hands-on work.”  Their 3 kiddos also get to go with dad on some deliveries, allowing them to witness the business side of everything.  “They learn and see me interact with others in business and that you get paid for a product.  It’s teaching them lessons on the value of a dollar.”  But all of the fun and cool lessons don’t come without sacrifice, of course.  There are some days where they have to put playtime on hold and give extra attention to the bees and the farm.  “Although that may seem like a negative to them now, I believe it is really teaching them very valuable, lifelong lessons.”  Plus, the Tracy kids think the bees are pretty darn cool.

Tod and his daughter, Taytum.

Teah and the kids helping dad work bees.

Tod shared a few good things everyone should know about bees and honey, because the entire thing is really quite crucial to our existence.  “Bees only make honey one time per year in any given area.  Also, most honey you buy is not 100% honey.  It only has to have a small amount of real honey in it to be able to label it honey.  Many honeys out there have additives in them, which ends up making something that is naturally healthy, unhealthy.  The best way to know if the honey you’re buying is pure is to ask the farmer.”

Overall, the entire Tracy Family truly enjoy their new lives as beekeeper and beekeeper assistants.  There’s a plethora of bee jokes and puns in their home nowadays, including the phrase printed on their bottle labels that says, “Bee Blessed”.  Cute, appropriate and oh-so-sweet.  😉

Tod and Teah are especially thankful to be able to provide for their children doing things lead by their hearts, all while exposing them to the beauty of nature and the reality of a family business.  It takes desire, passion, courage and faith to make a change in your life and start a new journey.  And it seems that Tod has done just that with really positive, inspiring results.

Tod and Teah Tracy selling Tracy Honey Farm honey at a local market.

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Parenting List of Kindness

The Kind Kiddo Parenting List of Kindness is a great resource for any parent that may need some new ideas or motivation to teach your little ones some great things that will help them be kind humans.

We asked readers to contribute to this list and it turned out great!  Enjoy!

Ashley G. – A simple tool I like to use with my kids is the command “rephrase”.  When my children speak to each other, their parents, or whomever they are addressing in a way that is flat out rude, disrespectful or unkind, I use it.  Turning to my child I say, “rephrase” and sit and wait.  Read more from Ashley here…

Suzanne W. – We strive to keep our eyes open to opportunities throughout our day to help those around us… A woman needing help with her groceries at the grocery store, a child needing help up the ladder to a slide…and we praise for such help and for noticing on their own.  Read more from Suzanne here…

Aimee M. – We explained to them how being kind to the other patrons, as well as our waitress, and using their manners and treating each other how they wanted to be treated made an impact on how others view them.  Read more from Aimee here…

Kelly J. – ..while we are eating dinner I ask them to share how they served someone that day.  I get a wide variety of answers from ‘I picked up the pencil they dropped’ to ‘I asked a girl to each lunch with me that was sitting alone’.  Read more from Kelly here…

Britney C. – There are so many great ways to teach kindness to your children, but I believe that one of the best ways that has the greatest impact over time is setting a good example.  Read more from Britney here…

Teah T. – We have plenty of ways we try and teach our kids kindness but the think I find myself saying most often is the golden rule.  “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” Matthew 7:12

parenting list of kindness