2 Parents, 2 Kids and 2 Dogs in 2 Cars for 1000 Miles

IMG_6445When I found out that my husband’s job was sending him to work over 1000 miles away from home for the better part of a year, I was overcome with a huge mix of emotions.  I was excited, scared and sad all at the same time.  You see, although the kiddos and I will still spend a good amount of time at home this year with extended family, we’ll spend even more time with my husband near the new job site.  This meant a lot of things – a temporary new home, new preschool, new stores, new streets, new people, new everything.  I have plenty to share with you about all aspects of this journey so far, but let’s just start with my top 3 tips for taking a long road trip with young kids and babies.

1. Be prepared.  Bring anything and everything that you think you guys might need so that you don’t have to buy a bunch of stuff on the road – movies, snacks, drinks (not too much liquid because that could cause lots of extra potty breaks), baby toys, blankets, etc.
2. Allow yourself plenty of extra time.  Hopes that your trip will be super quick and efficient will just lead to disappointment.  Plan for plenty of time to make stops and to drive at a safe pace, especially if you’re traveling in 2 cars following each other like we did.
3. Bring your sense of humor along.  You’re gonna need it.

Stay tuned for more posts about our new adventure.  :)

New Beginnings…

2014 was an incredible year for my family. We welcomed our second child, sweet Miss Romy back in May, and it’s been a beautiful adventure ever since.

As the year comes to an end, we will begin a brand new adventure when we head from Texas to Kentucky. I can’t wait to share this with y’all. To anyone that has ever read my blog, thank you. Your support means so much. I will work even harder in 2015 to share with you and will have lots of fun doing it.

Happy New Year, friends.

– Britney



Look at that sweet, innocent boy in the photo. As most of you know, that’s my son, Rowdy. He’s 3. Rowdy is my first born, and I’ve been so fortunate to have him as my little bud. He’s kind, not aggressive, soft spoken (usually) and shy around strangers. I’ve become accustom to a very peaceful household, which is an important thing to me, in general. But now I’m afraid it’s happened. My little angel has transformed into a threenager. Yes, having his baby sister in the house now causes more commotion than we’re used to, but he seems to cause just as much these days. He’s dramatic, acts traumatized nearly every time I tell him no and can bring himself to tears over virtually nothing at all. He even acts put out and embarrassed by me at times, particularly during Mickey’s Hot Dog Song dance. We used to dance together to that oh-so-catchy tune, but nowadays when I begin to dance he says, “Hold on, mommy! Hold on!”, with his hand up in a talk-to-the-hand sort of way. I’m being dissed by a 3-year-old on a near daily basis. The attitude and mood swings seem to be at a higher level when he’s hungry or when his daddy is out of town for work. So that part seems pretty logical, but there are also plenty of times in which I simply can’t figure out the trigger. Surely there are some sort of hormones involved. I mean, I’ve been pregnant twice. I know hormonal behavior when I see it. But in all seriousness, Rowdy is still my sweet boy much of the time. When I realize I’m dealing with the threenager instead of my kind kiddo (ha) I simply do one thing…my best. I think I can handle this phase as long as he doesn’t tell me to “take a chill pill” (do kids say that anymore?) or “you’re ruining my life”. I know they say to save the drama for your mama, but I say, give mama a break…and a drink.