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You’re gonna hear me roar!

Posing and happy to be done after running a HOT 5k in July.

In honor of the fact that I’m running my first half marathon in just 2 days, I’ve decided to share a funny kid/running story with you guys.

Earlier this year there was a day that I decided to do my run in the afternoon while my baby was napping, instead of early in the morning before the kids were awake.  I got my baby girl into bed and set up my son on my bed to watch a movie right next to my treadmill there in the bedroom.  I put my earbuds in, turned my running playlist up loud and started sweating.  Everything was going good.  My run was feeling great, and I could easily glance at the baby monitor to check on Romy and glance right next to me to see Rowdy on my bed.  And while I was already having a successful run, it got even better when Katy Perry’s “Roar” starting blasting in my earbuds. Yes, baby!  It was just the motivational tune I needed to pump me up even more!  I got the eye of the TIGER, a FIGHTER, dancing through the FIRE, cause I am a CHAMPION, and you’re gonna hear me ROARRRR!  I felt so incredible that I even started to tear up.  There I was running on my treadmill having a Super Girl moment envisioning a crowd cheering me on as I approached the imaginary finish line like a badass would, of course, when I casually glanced to my left to son peuking all over my comforter?!  Holy shit!  I frantically start grabbing at the treadmill cord thing and my earbuds at the same time.  I gave up on stopping the treadmill after about 1.5 seconds worth of trying, jumped off and let my phone go down to the ground.  As I started to console my son my first thought was, ‘I just had this comforter cleaned a few days ago!’  And if you’ve ever taken a comforter to the dry cleaner you know that it’s not the most convenient thing to do, plus it’s at least 20 bucks a pop.  Okay, so after a few seconds of worrying over my peuk-covered comforter, I moved on to assisting my crying kiddo.  Luckily, he felt better the next day, and my comforter survived after another cleaning job.

Parenthood: Where a beautiful, self-fulfilling moment can turn into vomit REAL fast.  Hold the Queen music.  I’ve just had a reality check.

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Children’s Book Chat: Daniella the Dinosaur has Dinomania!

Dinomania_Front CoverChildren’s books have such a profound effect on so many of us, even into adulthood.  I remember my grandfather reading Little Golden Books to us when we were kids.  And now my own kiddos love books.  My 4-year-old loves story time every night before bed, and has even checked out books at the local library multiple times.  And even my 1-year-old loves to look at our books at home.  So when I found out that an old theater friend of mine (we did a play together back in 2006) had published her very first children’s book, I was so excited to get a copy and read it to my little ones.  And now I’m even more excited to bring my readers this Q&A with her.  Jenna Caroline Maddix is a married mother of two.  Her oldest, Isabella, is 7, and her youngest, Noah, is 4.  Here’s what she had to say about Daniella the Dinosaur has Dinomania. Continue reading


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