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Strawberry Pickin’

KK Romy strawberries

Who doesn’t love the idea of picking fresh fruit for your family to enjoy without even having to grow it yourself?  If you’re in the Houston area, you’re in luck.  South of the city in Alvin, you’ll find Froberg’s Farm.  Spring is strawberry season at Froberg’s, where you can head out into the field and pick your very own berries to take home.  It’s just $1.00 for a bucket, plus $2.00 per pound.  We ended up bringing home about 5 pounds of strawberries on a recent trip and ate strawberries every day for nearly a week at our house.

Right near the strawberry fields in the Froberg’s store, you’ll find lots of other fresh produce, nuts, dried fruit and even fried pie!  Continue reading

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Rebel Mom

I am many things, but “rebel” I am not.  Anyone that knows me well knows that I’m not interested in skydiving, I remember and abide by driving and traffic laws daily (use your damn blinkers!) and I’m a general rule-follower.  So it’s not surprising that when my first child, Rowdy, was born, I was reading up on all of the up-to-date baby rules – crib rules, food rules, diaper rules, bath rules…it’s never ending.  And while someone like me with no baby experience whatsoever surely benefits some from reading all that stuff, it can also create obstacles and close your mind, to a certain degree.  So, in the great tradition of having subsequent children, I loosened up when my daughter was born and started breaking some of those rules.  These days I try to choose wisely what I’ll actually let myself get stressed over versus what’s just not worth worrying about.  It’s an art, I tell you.  Sometimes I feel like I deserve some sort of a prize (or even just a polite applause) when my don’t-worry-about-this light bulb turns on and I choose to let it roll off my shoulders.  Back in the day not much rolled off my shoulders at all (and my massage therapist will confirm it), but now that my kids are almost 2 and almost 5, the panic level within me has decreased.  So just for fun, I thought I’d share with you a list of “rules” I break as a parent on a regular basis, which obviously turns me into a rebel now, right?  Continue reading

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Homemade Peanut Butter!

Does your family LOVE peanut butter  like mine does?  Because at least one person in our home eats peanut butter almost every single day, I decided to start making my own.  This allows me to know exactly what’s in it AND I can decrease the amount of salt and sugar compared to some store-bought peanut butters.  It’s super delicious and you only need 4 ingredients to make it!  Continue reading


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