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Toddler Tantrums: 6 things parents can do to help

Ah, the toddler tantrum.  If you’ve witnessed one, particularly if you’re the parent of the toddler that threw the tantrum, you know how it goes.  Sometimes there’s a warning sign.  Sometimes there’s not.  Typically the word, “Nooooo!” is yelled out in a very hand-to-head stage drama sort of way.  Crying and screaming follow.  There’s always some sort of physical action, of course.  Many times they throw themselves on the floor, which can really suck, because that can cause an actual injury, thus even further irritating the tantrum taking place.  During a recent tantrum of my daughter, Romy’s, who’s not quite 2 1/2 years old, I decided to take a few pictures.  Yes, pictures.  The lighting outside was beautiful, and she looked adorable in her tutu and rubber boots.  I mean, if she’s gonna have a meltdown, best to do it in good lighting and good clothes, right?  romy-tantrumAnyway, in this moment, I realized that I was calm enough to take pictures and then hug her tight.  That’s a massive improvement from how I handled these situations with my son, who’s now 5.  I was more uptight about parenting overall back then.  And as the story goes, I’ve gotten better over time.  So, here are 6 things I try to do when my little gal starts to freak out.  Continue reading


When You Realize You’ve Become an Actual Soccer Mom

I’m really cool.  No, seriously.  I know that’s what your mom used to say about herself as you smirked and rolled your eyes at her behind her back.  But, I really AM cool.  I wear MTV t-shirts, watch The Kardashians and love a fun night out.  I mean, I listen to The Weeknd, for god’s sake.  I’M COOL, DAMN IT.

Granted, those MTV shirts might show my age (born in 1980 and ain’t mad about it), my own mother, who’s nearly 30 years older than me, watches The Kardashians, too, and those fun nights out usually end by 11:00. But, so what?! I’m still a rockstar!…as P!nk said.  And even though I may be a “rockstar” in my own mind, I’m also a mom.  And now, I’ve realized that I’m an ACTUAL soccer mom. Whaaaat?  Yeah.  My 5-year-old son plays soccer, and I’m now spending my Saturday mornings for the next 2 months at a soccer field.  The games start at 8-freaking-15 in the morning.  Awesome.


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School Days are Cool Days!

The tears have dried up.  Routines have been created.  And the weather will soon be changing (I mean, not like REAL soon here in Houston, but you know).  School has been in session for a couple of weeks for many of us now.  With my oldest child in kindergarten, I’m still not quite used to this whole school thing.  Sure, he went to preschool.  But that was just part time.  His school now goes from 8am to 3:05pm, 5 days per week.  And, although I got quite sentimental about kindergarten in the days leading up to his first day, I’m now seeing the beauty…the relief…the freedom.  Granted, I’ve got a 2-year-old that is with me almost 24/7, with the exception of her 10 hours per week at “school”.  But I can still feel the changes that have occurred and can only imagine what it will be like when she’s at big kid school, too.

First of all, nobody told me how lovely it feels to just go to the damn grocery store on a Thursday alone while these kind strangers are taking care of my children.  Why don’t more parents talk about that?  It’s amazing!  There’s no babysitter.  No grandparents are doing me a favor.  I don’t have that same guilt that I used to feel when I went running errands alone while someone was watching my kiddos.  I mean, these folks are getting paid to watch and teach my kids.  It’s their job.  I shouldn’t feel guilty about people doing their job, right?  Of course not. Continue reading