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The Little Engine That Could: One Family’s Story of Infertility

Infertility.  If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you certainly know someone that has.  Literally millions of Americans struggle with it, which is absolutely wild.  Because I have not struggled with infertility myself, I wanted to reach out and help share someone else’s story.  So just as I have in the past with Kind Kiddo Real Families stories, I again, turned to someone I know personally (a friend since preschool), to gain some insight.

Brandyn and David Hargrove married in April of 2004 in their hometown in Texas.  Blissfully happy and in love, they began their journey toward parenthood just months after their wedding.  Being parents was important to them both.  That, they knew without a doubt.  What they didn’t know is that this seemingly simple dream would lead them down an 8 year long twisting path of hurt and loss.  But in the end, their dream finally came true with their “little engine that could”, and Brandyn agreed to share some of the details of their story with Kind Kiddo. Continue reading


3 Ways to Keep Kids Active This Winter

The following post was provided by guest blogger and owner of The Little Gym of Pearland, Kevin Berry.

Colder temperatures and shorter days offer fewer hours of sunlight for kids to run and play outside. But the need for regular physical activity isn’t seasonal. It’s important to make it a priority all year long! Here are 3 ways to keep your children active during the chilly winter months:

  1. Create an indoor obstacle course using cardboard boxes and let your children decorate and crawl through them
  2. Balloon toss! Blow up a balloon and see how long the kids can keep it up in the air without touching the ground
  3. Put on your favorite The Little Gym tunes, get up, and dance!

The Little Gym is another great option for busy families! At The Little Gym of Pearland, our age appropriate games and activities encourage children to reach their greatest potential all while making new friends and having Serious Fun! Follow the links to learn more about classes and Winter Camps!

Kevin Berry | Owner & Sheriff of Serious Fun
The Little Gym of Pearland | p: 713.340.0042
9607 Broadway St, Ste. 105 | Pearland, TX 77584


Gift Guide for Gals!

Here it is!  Kind Kiddo’s ultimate gift guide for gals is the perfect holiday gift list for busy ladies that prioritize health, wellness and beauty.  Several of these items come from female small business owners, while all of them are sure to promote a refreshed, healthy, happy lady in the new year! Continue reading