Kindness Notes From Parents Magazine

In the September 2012 issue of Parents Magazine I noticed a tidbit on page 12 that was very applicable to Kind Kiddo.  The following question is asked to Dr. Kathleen McCartney.  “How can I teach my child to stand up for other kids who are being bullied?”  She answers by first saying, “The most important task that parents have is to promote kindness and respect in our children from a young age.”  Wow.  I couldn’t agree more.  She continues with, “The best way to teach this is to reward them with a positive comment or a hug when they treat others well.”

I’ve told my husband in the past that I hope Rowdy is the kid that stands up for the bullied kids.  I’m 5’10” and my husband is 6’3″, so I’m assuming he’s going to be a big dude.  Hopefully he uses his size for good.

Rowdy is only one, but maybe your child has already had the chance to stand up to a bully.  What do you think about this?  Would you encourage your child to stand up for another child being bullied?  Or would you prefer that he/she stay out of the drama?

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1 thought on “Kindness Notes From Parents Magazine

  1. I would like for him to intervene. Only to the point in which he doesn’t get in trouble.

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