Walker, Texas Ranger

Our little bud has recently started walking, and I must admit, it’s pretty darn cool.

He wasn’t an early walker.  I guess we can call it at about 14.5 months old.  I never expected him to walk early.  Being my first pregnancy, I read a lot about babies because I knew essentially nothing about babies at the time.  One thing I remembered reading was that typically a first born child won’t walk as early as the subsequent children.  Since he was born I have also read things about how a laid back baby may not walk as early either.  In my opinion, he’s pretty laid back.  And you know, I think that going into this expecting him not to walk until well after his first birthday was quite helpful for me.  I’ve noticed that many parents seem to be in a constant hurry to reach the next milestone.  I mean, we obviously want these things to happen within a healthy time frame, but in my opinion, wanting things to rush along ends up causing extra stress most of the time.  (I remember the first time I tried to get Rowdy to start using sippy cups because I was so worried that he would end up using bottles for too long.  The poor kid was only 7 months old when I tried rushing him into sippy cups and out of bottles.  Maybe some babies are cool with that, but he wasn’t, and I ended up causing him a bit of grief and myself a bunch of stress in my efforts to hurry that process up.  I went back to bottles after a week of struggling to get him to use sippy cups.  By the way, he’s been using sippy cups for several months now and fortunately, won’t be walking into his kindergarten class with a bottle in hand.  😉  Live and learn.)

Rowdy definitely wasn’t in a hurry to walk, and quite frankly, still isn’t.  I don’t think the coolness of walking has really hit him yet.  He still gets around much faster by crawling and typically only walks when we encourage the heck out of it.  He is gradually starting to take some steps voluntarily, but I think it will be a little bit longer before he abandons crawling as a primary mode of transportation.  But watching him walk sure is fun.  Walking, above all other big changes and milestones thus far, makes him magically transform into a little person instead of just a baby.  It’s pretty wild.

Did your first born walk early, late or in between?

Rowdy walking and watching Teen Mom. (We’ll talk more about Teen Mom later.)
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