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Hat-Obsessed Toddler

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Rowdy shorts as hat 2-24-13

Rowdy wearing pajama shorts as a hat.

Did you know that you can make a hat out of many, many things?  My 1-year-old son has proved that to be true.  On his first birthday, my husband and I bought him a baseball cap, and shortly thereafter the hat obsession began.  He loved that hat so much that we bought him another and then another and eventually a cowboy hat last Christmas.  “Hat” was one of his earlier words.  He’s quick to point out a “hat!” when anyone, even a passing stranger, is wearing one.  And I must say that the funniest “hat!” proclamation by him is when he sees bras hanging up for sale at the store.  I mean, I guess they might look like hats hanging there on the rack.  And although he loves wearing traditional hats, he also makes hats out of bowls, pots, buckets and even other clothing items (like pajama shorts, as seen in the picture here).  I have quite the collection of Rowdy Hat Pictures, which will make for an excellent themed photo album one day.

What kind of obsession does your kiddo have?


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