Traveling Without The Kiddos

I'm ready to go!

I’m off to Las Vegas very soon to celebrate my husband’s 35th birthday.  Some folks take babies and young children to Vegas.  We’ve seen our fair share of strollers gliding through the casinos.  But that’s not happening with this little family.  Unless we’re going to Las Vegas for a family reunion or a wedding (in which children are welcome), then we’re not taking a 2-year-old to Vegas.  And although my husband and I are both very excited about our trip (we love Vegas!), I’ve definitely thought about how much I’ll miss my little kiddo while I’m gone.  But in my opinion, spending a little bit of time away from the little ones is a very healthy thing to do.

What do you think?  Is it a good idea to take a short getaway here and there without the kiddos?

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