Pregnant Eating

KK Rowdy Pizza Pasta 12-12-13 edited

I’m in the second trimester of my second pregnancy, which is supposed to mean one really important thing…FOOD!  One of my fondest memories of my first pregnancy is the appetite I had and how incredible all of my favorite foods tasted all the time.  All the time, I tell you.  Meals were so enjoyable back then.  But that was then and this is now, and now I struggle daily to find food that genuinely satisfies me.  Although I have been extremely fortunate in this pregnancy because there has been no actual vomit involved, I must say that I did feel at least somewhat nauseous almost every single day of my first trimester.  So when I hit the second trimester I was ready for the appetite to arrive and the food enjoyment to begin.  It didn’t.  I mean, sure, I’ve had little moments here and there, but nothing mind-blowing (umm, we’re still talking about food, y’all).  For those of you that have not been pregnant more than once, it’s quite true that each pregnancy can be extremely different.  I’ve obviously had some similarities, but boy have I also had some differences as well.  Sadly, appetite has been one of the differences thus far.  But then tonight happened.  I ordered out from a local Italian restaurant for the first time ever.  Score!  It was delicious!  Finally, a super duper tasty meal that made me (and my son) happy!

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m a generally healthy gal so I’m not trying to overeat on a regular basis or eat a whole bunch of funky stuff.  I’ve definitely been more in control of myself this time around.  But when you want delicious food, you want delicious food, damn it.  Hopefully I’m now on the right track considering my dinner experience was so good.  In fact, I’m craving a cupcake for the first time in a very long time.  My food future looks promising, y’all.

P.S.  Only a pregnant chick (or a food critic) would write an entire blog post about her dinner.

SO MUCH BETTER than fast food pizza.
SO MUCH BETTER than fast food pizza.
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1 thought on “Pregnant Eating

  1. mmmm… Italian food sounds amazing right now…

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