No Hitting!


I don’t like violence. I’m not a fan of super-violent movies. I cringe at the thought of someone physically hurting someone else. I don’t hit my kiddo when he’s in trouble. It’s something I feel strongly about (although I’m sure there will be moments when I feel like I want to slap a kiddo upside the head…hopefully I can take a deep breathe and not do it). So, anyway. When we were at Chick-Fil-A the other day I witnessed a little kid (probably 4 years old) hit my 3-year-old son, Rowdy, in the back. Rowdy was pretty clueless on what had happened. He kinda flinched and then turned around to see what it was. The hitter had already moved on to something else. I told my friend, “If that kid hits Rowdy again I’ll go hit him! Okay, I won’t actually hit him, but I’ll say something and find his mom!” So, go figure. He ended up hitting Rowdy again, basically two more times in a row. I quickly went into that play area, tapped that little boy on his shoulder and said, “No sir! No hitting! Where’s your mommy?” His big brother nearby immediately ratted him out with, “She’s right there. There’s our mom.” Typical tattle tale brother, right? Ha. And much to my surprise, their mom (whom was caring for a baby in addition to these two dudes) was getting up from the table to leave after witnessing our “playground drama”. When she and I crossed paths she said, “I saw it. I’m sorry.” I replied with, “It happened three times. Thank you.” Wait, what?! She apologized and made her kids leave? Wow. I would have expected their mom to be all defensive or maybe even ignore me. Hitter Boy must have some sort of hitting pattern. She didn’t seem shocked whatsoever. Either way, it was really cool of her to handle it like that. Meanwhile, Rowdy was oblivious to my Mama Bear behavior, playing and laughing with the other kids. Look, this may seem like I overreacted, but quite frankly, I don’t care. When it comes to something you feel so passionately about, especially involving your young child, you just react the way your gut tells you to. My gut told me to stand up for my kiddo and for what I believe in. He can stand up for himself when he’s older. But for now (and forever, really), mommy’s got your back.

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