Mother of Three Gets Oily

Raising kiddos can be tough.  Many parents strive to raise incredible kids while also maintaining some sort of self-identification and career.  I personally have found that it’s super tricky to balance my life as a mother and my life as an individual human being successfully.  I most definitely want to give my children and my husband all of my love and attention every chance I get.  But I also want to accomplish my own personal goals that may or may not have anything to do with the 3 beautiful humans that I live with.  It can be exhausting, right?  There’s the parent guilt, the lack of funds, lack of time, lack of sleep or just plain ol’ stress.    We look around us and feel like other parents have it together way better than we do, when the reality is that most parents deal with similar scenarios and feelings every single day.  The moment we begin to accept that we’re probably doing a lot better than we thought we were, is the moment things will start to shine a little brighter.  Speaking of shining lights, I want to introduce you guys to a very special person.  Teah Tracy is an amazing woman, caring mother and loving wife.  She also happens to be my oldest friend (she’s not old, just the friendship – ha!).  Teah is the mother of 3 gorgeous kiddos.  Her son, Tyde, is 7, and her two daughters, Taytum and Teal are 5 and 3.  And she has been married to her husband, Tod, for 12 years.  Teah is a former elementary school teacher that happened upon a new career working with essential oils (think lavender oil, lemon oil, peppermint oil, etc).

Teah Tracy lavendar field
Teah in a Young Living lavender field.

I have personally used a variety of the oils on myself and the rest of my family for minor illnesses and stress relief.  I love having natural options to take care of my family’s health.  So, not only has Teah found a career path that allows her to spend most of her time at home with great pay, but she has also found a new passion in life that benefits her family’s health.  This gal loves her family, loves her job and truly cares about how she can positively influence others to live better lives.  I chatted with her about her career and decided to post it for my readers in hopes that it may just inspire one of you to reach for the stars…or the oil cabinet.

KK: How did you get started with Young Living Essential Oils?
TT: I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils about 3 1/2 years ago at an informational class that a good friend of mine invited me to.  It got me so excited to bring a more natural approach to my family’s health and wellness.  I also loved the idea of living in a chemical-free home, which is possible with YL products.  I wasn’t necessarily interested in a career change when I became a Young Living member, but one of the amazing parts of YL is that 92% of the company is product users and lovers.  Although I just planned on using products to improve my family’s health, I’ve realized that when you genuinely believe in the product and the company, it is only natural to share how they have changed your life. My life plan was actually to return to teaching after all three of my children were in school. I was hesitant with this plan because of the time teaching took me away from my family.  But my husband and I felt it was the only way we could “afford” life.  Boy, were we wrong.  As you may have guessed, I never returned to teaching.  Young Living has provided for my family in ways I never imagined.

KK: About how many hours per week do you work?
TT: The average Young Living Gold (the level I’m at) works 23 hours a week.  Most of that time is at home, but I may spend up to 8 hours on some weeks at an event or teaching a class. I also get to do some traveling to YL events across the country.  And because they are such a generous company, much of my travel has been free!

KK: What is the best part of your job?  What about challenges?
TT: There are so many parts of my job that I LOVE, but if I had to choose I would say that I love helping others find hope.  Young Living has changed my family’s life.  I love being a mentor, a coach, and a family with all of my organization.  As for the challenging part; It is difficult for me to call up a total stranger and introduce myself as their personal oil lady.  But when I sit down and make those calls it is always rewarding for both of us.  I have formed many new friendships because of it.

KK: As someone that works with products that can benefit your health, what are your fave YL products to use at home with your own family?
TT: As a family of five, our life can get a little crazy sometimes.  But we are a normal family that tries to improve our lifestyle in ways that work easily in our home.  Young Living has the largest selection of essential oils, cleaning supplies and personal care products.  The simplest way to improve our health is to replace the toxins within our home with 100% natural products infused with the very best quality therapeudic grade essential oils on the planet. But, if I had to choose a favorite product it would be the Ningxia Red juice, which has totally changed my life.  Each morning we sit at the table for breakfast and we take a shot of amazing, healthy goodness.  It’s a great way to start our day.

KK: How do you teach kindness in your home?

TT: I think the only way to teach kindness is to show kindness. Our kids are watching us always, so we display the behavior we want.

For more info on Young Living Essential Oils:
Teah Tracy 979-236-9771 or
You can become a member to simply purchase products for your own personal use, or you can go for gold (like Teah!) and turn it into a business.  Click HERE to sign up.  Enter ID# 1501929 in the My Sponsor ID and Enroller ID fields.

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