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When my son first requested a Chuck E. Cheese’s party for his 5th birthday my initial thought was, Oh shit…chaos, kids, noise, germs… But after I actually looked into the details on their website, I realized that it was the most genius birthday party idea ever. Seriously.  Here’s why.
1. No house cleaning! Having a party at Chuck E. Cheese’s means you don’t have to clean your house before OR after the party, because no one will be there. YES. Perfect.
2. No cooking, food prep, or food pick-up! They make pizza. They serve pizza. We eat pizza. Boom.
3. No party rentals! Chuck E. Cheese’s has arcade games, live shows, arcade games, jungle gyms and yes, more arcade games. No bouncy house, snow cone machine or hired clown required.
4. No 5-hour long party! There’s a 2-hour time limit. Plenty of time for the essentials.
5. No party planning! Included in the party package, you get a hostess that gets you your tokens, drink cups, plates, pizza, and even cuts and serves your cake.

I literally walked into Chuck E. Cheese’s with a birthday cake from the grocery store and some party favors. That’s it. So damn easy. Now, it’s not the place to have a party when you want to actually visit with friends and family. I barely got in 3 sentences with each grownup because we were all running after kiddos the entire time (about an hour and half of your two hours is spent playing games, etc). I was right about the chaos. There’s plenty of that. But otherwise, it’s absolutely fantastic. And, no, they didn’t pay me to write this.  I just wanted to shout out to fellow parents like me that are hesitant about doing a party here.  Just do it.  Check it off the list.  And be thankful that you didn’t have to spend 7 hours painting and glittering fake tree limbs for your winter Frozen scenery on the cake table.  😉

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5 thoughts on “Chuck E. Cheese’s Birthday – Chaotic Genius

  1. Plus, if you time it right, they will just conk out for naptime.

  2. It really was the best way to do it. I think everyone would probably agree with you. It was great.

  3. I think it worked great

    1. Britney Crosson July 12, 2016 — 5:52 pm

      Thanks, Jan.

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