Why Your Child’s Bed Time Really Matters

Whether you’re an expecting parent, a brand new parent, or are the parent of 6  kids, you’ve heard all about sleep for babies and kids.  The experts have already told us how crucial it is for the child’s health and wellness.  This is why so many of those experts have also talked about bed time.  They tell us what time little ones should hit the sack depending upon their age and what us parents can do to help make this happen.  And while their overall health and wellness is obviously the number one reason why the kiddos should go to bed at an early hour, there are also some other benefits.kk-child-bed-time-blog-post-10-3-16

First of all, by setting an official “bed time” in our house, it helps us stay organized in the evenings, which as you fellow parents know, is probably the busiest time of day for most families.  Our kids are 2 and 5, and their bed time is 8pm.  With this bed time goal in mind each evening, it helps guide us on the timing of homework, play time, dinner and bath.  I’m a planner, so the thought of a predictable evening with the kiddos thrills me.  There’s a time to be spontaneous, but school nights are not it.  The structure that our kids’ bed time gives us as a family each evening is so incredibly helpful to us as parents and to our kids.

In addition to a bed time creating structure, it also guarantees my husband and I a set amount of time each night to do what we need to do without the kiddos around.  Sometimes those final 2-3 hours each night are spent working out in our home gym, showering and crashing early.  Sometimes that precious time is spent working.  And sometimes we use that time as an in-home date night, which is my fave.  We sit up in bed with our wine and watch a couple of shows from the DVR.  Simple, sweet and just what the doctor ordered for 2 busy parents.

As much fun as we have all together, my husband and I truly treasure our kids’ bed time routines and the adult time we get afterward.  Sure, it gets interrupted from time to time due to a special event or situation.  But the majority of the time we stick to it.  It works for us, and I think it will work for you, too.  Sweet dreams, kids!

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