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You Feed the Baby With What?!


by guest blogger, Kim Reed

When my daughter was born, my son was about to turn 5. He was quite the verbal and inquisitive child, so knowing I would breastfeed my daughter (as I did for him for 10 months!), I wasn’t sure how to explain this to him. We touched on it here and there, but he was more interested in Captain America and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles than to hear what I was saying.

Fast forward to her birth and our stay in the hospital. He wasn’t with us for the birth, but family brought him to meet his tiny new sister later that day. After holding her and introducing himself, she began to cry, and I knew she was hungry. I arranged myself so I could nurse her and immediately caught a glimpse of shock on his face. Gently, I asked him if he wanted to understand how she eats when she is this little bundle. When she latched on, that shock grew. With additional family and friends in the hospital room, he whispers to me, “Uh, Mom? Are you absolutely sure you should be doing that?”

Thus, the true conversation started about how moms can feed their babies with their bodies and how healthy it is for the little ones. When visitors came in the hospital or when we got home, he would immediately bring them to me and say, “Mom! Show them! They have GOT to see how you feed her!”

Guess he thought I was the anointed one who could miraculously feed her newborn. The excitement and awe wore off eventually, but I still giggle when I think of that first encounter between my two babies.

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Author: Britney Crosson

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2 thoughts on “You Feed the Baby With What?!

  1. This cracks me up and I can imagine Connor saying this when he realizes how the baby will be fed 🤣

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