Parenting List of Kindness

The Kind Kiddo Parenting List of Kindness is a great resource for any parent that may need some new ideas or motivation to teach your little ones some great things that will help them be kind humans.

We asked readers to contribute to this list and it turned out great!  Enjoy!

Ashley G. – A simple tool I like to use with my kids is the command “rephrase”.  When my children speak to each other, their parents, or whomever they are addressing in a way that is flat out rude, disrespectful or unkind, I use it.  Turning to my child I say, “rephrase” and sit and wait.  Read more from Ashley here…

Suzanne W. – We strive to keep our eyes open to opportunities throughout our day to help those around us… A woman needing help with her groceries at the grocery store, a child needing help up the ladder to a slide…and we praise for such help and for noticing on their own.  Read more from Suzanne here…

Aimee M. – We explained to them how being kind to the other patrons, as well as our waitress, and using their manners and treating each other how they wanted to be treated made an impact on how others view them.  Read more from Aimee here…

Kelly J. – ..while we are eating dinner I ask them to share how they served someone that day.  I get a wide variety of answers from ‘I picked up the pencil they dropped’ to ‘I asked a girl to each lunch with me that was sitting alone’.  Read more from Kelly here…

Britney C. – There are so many great ways to teach kindness to your children, but I believe that one of the best ways that has the greatest impact over time is setting a good example.  Read more from Britney here…

Teah T. – We have plenty of ways we try and teach our kids kindness but the think I find myself saying most often is the golden rule.  “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” Matthew 7:12

parenting list of kindness

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