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Kind Kiddo Shop Profits to Kids’ Meals Houston!

Once again we are hoping you’ll join us in supporting Kids’ Meals Houston!  

For the months of April and May, all profits from Kind Kiddo Shop will go to this awesome organization that specializes in feeding preschool-aged kiddos.  Giving to Kids’ Meals at this time of year is so important, because we can help them feed more kids over the summer when there are no free school meals available.  For more information visit

Start shopping at!  Thank you so much.


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Clean Foods for Families: Wipala Bars

Clean clothes, clean kitchens…clean foods?  Yep.  Clean eating has finally caught mainstream attention after decades of fad diets.  What is clean food, you ask?  It’s pretty simple.  Clean foods are also known as whole foods (not to be confused by the grocery store of the same name – which I’m obsessed with, of course).  It basically means that the food and/or ingredients are real.  They’re not processed.  They’re not junk.

That brings me to my family’s newest fave snack, Wipala Bars.  These little beauties are packed with super foods and are also vegan, raw, gluten and nut-free, and all natural.  Made in Ecuador, Wipala Bars have been introduced to the U.S. by a cool company called Bonus Salus.  My kiddos love the raw cacao best.  My husband loves the pineapple.  And I can’t pick a favorite.  I love them all.
Kind Kiddo has teamed up with Bonus Salus for a super exciting promotion during the month of February!  We are giving you 3 FREE Wipala Bars – 1 pineapple, 1 banana and 1 raw cacao – with every single Kind Kiddo Shop order in February!  Yes!  Every single order gets 3 FREE bars!  No catch!

Kind Kiddo Shop is our online store where we sell cool, casual t-shirts and home goods with simple messages of kindness on them.  Time to start shopping and eating clean!

kk-wipala-promo – order an entire box of Wipala Bars online!

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.  -Britney Crosson 

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Kids’ Meals Houston

For the entire month of September, 2016 a portion of every single customer order from Kind Kiddo Shop will go to Kids’ Meals Houston!

Feeding little ones is so incredibly important.  Not all babies and little kids have enough food to eat.  When I became a mother I realized this even more and couldn’t imagine my own child being hungry every single day.  That’s why I am teaming up with Kids’ Meals Houston to help them feed children ages 5 and younger that do not have access to free meal programs at school yet.  Please read more about their wonderful program on their website  And know that every time you purchase something from Kind Kiddo Shop this month, not only are you helping to spread our positive message of kindness, but you are also literally feeding a child in the Houston area.

Britney Crosson
Founder, Kind Kiddo