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Kids’ Meals Houston

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For the entire month of September, 2016 a portion of every single customer order from Kind Kiddo Shop will go to Kids’ Meals Houston!

Feeding little ones is so incredibly important.  Not all babies and little kids have enough food to eat.  When I became a mother I realized this even more and couldn’t imagine my own child being hungry every single day.  That’s why I am teaming up with Kids’ Meals Houston to help them feed children ages 5 and younger that do not have access to free meal programs at school yet.  Please read more about their wonderful program on their website  And know that every time you purchase something from Kind Kiddo Shop this month, not only are you helping to spread our positive message of kindness, but you are also literally feeding a child in the Houston area.

Britney Crosson
Founder, Kind Kiddo


Author: Britney Crosson

Wife, Mom, Actor, Blogger, Founder of Kind Kiddo.

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