WANTED: Canine Nipple Covers

Well, I do believe that the toddler-dog adventures have officially begun in my house.  Rowdy (my 15-month-old) really seems to like our dogs, Honey and Lex, which is great.  But just like most toddlers, he is very curious about everything, and that includes the dogs.  The other night, I was relaxing in the living room watching TV while Rowdy played about.  He approached Honey, our 83 pound Labrador Retriever as she peacefully lay on the floor.  I’m not alarmed when he approaches the dogs, but I do keep my eye on them to make sure that both parties are treating each other right.  But this time, as I looked over from my TV show to monitor the toddler-dog situation, I saw something I’d never seen before.  Rowdy grabbed Honey’s nipple and gave it a good, long pull.  Of course I immediately leaned forward in my chair and gave Rowdy a stern “No, no!”, but he reached in and did it again.  So I quickly walked over to them telling Rowdy “No, no!” again and physically removing him from her area on the floor. Thankfully, Honey was super calm about it.  She merely lifted her head fairly quickly each time he tugged and watched him.  After I, umm, handled the situation (pun intended) I gave her a sweet pat on her head telling her “good girl”.

What silly things have you witnessed between your toddler and pets?

Honey and her brother from another mother, Rowdy.
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1 thought on “WANTED: Canine Nipple Covers

  1. Well my story can’t top dog nipples but I’ll tell you anyways. My brother’s dog, Kane, is a 120 lb. doberman. Its nothing special, its just funny how easily Emory can be knocked down by the monster dog. I so want to put a doggie saddle on him so Emory can ride him

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