Daddy’s At Work

With my husband’s job taking him out of town much of the time lately, my one-year-old and I are getting good at our airport chauffeur routine.   Lucky for my son, he doesn’t comprehend the sadness of the trips to Departures, but he does seem extra happy after we pick up my husband from Arrivals.  I feel that even though he is only 16 months old, Rowdy had a little extra pep in his step during his dad’s most recent visit.  In fact, our dogs have a similar extra hint of happiness when he’s home as well.  It’s like the dogs and the kiddo not only recognize their love for my husband, but they also sense that things are right, better when he’s home.  Not only is it always incredible to see my son feeling happy, but it’s equally incredible to see my husband feel so loved by a sweet child that he misses so much while he’s gone.  He even got a little taste of Clingy Toddler on his most recent visit.  Y’all know what I’m talking about.  🙂

Do you or your partner have to spend extended periods of time away from home?  How do your children seem to handle it?

Rowdy and his dad.
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