rowdy with water hose 6-20-13
Summer is a time of year that I overlooked and wanted to “hurry up and get over with” throughout much of my twenties.  I wasn’t in school anymore, therefore a summer day was just another day, but hotter and MUCH more humid.  And although I still hate the humidity, I must admit that I have a little more appreciation for summertime now that I’m a parent.  My 2-year-old isn’t in school, but he sure does love to be outside.  He also loves playing in and with water, so summer is the perfect time of year for him to get outdoors and have a ball.  I’ve always been quite jealous of those that go on and on about summer being the best time of year with the best weather.  Those people usually live in an area in which they actually have 4 seasons per year (on the Gulf coast we tend to have 2 – hot or cold, and the hot season includes huge cockroaches).  Or those people are in Los Angeles, a place that has perfect weather almost all year long.  But despite my ill feelings toward humidity (and cockroaches), I am trying to embrace summer more than I have in recent years, if for no other reason than to enjoy it with my kiddo. 

Today he had a little water hose fun while “helping” me water plants in our yard.  I remember having a lot of fun outside with a water hose or sprinkler.  Nothing fancy required.  What are some simple, fun summertime activities your kiddos like to do outside in the yard?

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