5 Simple Summer Fun Activities for Kiddos

5 Summer Fun KK

#5 Arts & Crafts – Every year we all see beautiful commercials on TV about summer weather with families frolicking about outdoors.  Well, if you live in a place similar to my home town, you know that sometimes the summer weather is simply unbearable.  95 degrees with 100% humidity does not feel pleasant.  Doing art projects is a great way to have some fun indoors where the air is cooler.  And for those of you parents that aren’t super crafty like myself, some simple crayons, coloring books, paper and kid-friendly paint will do just fine.

#4 Watch a Movie – Speaking of indoor activities, there’s nothing wrong with simply watching a movie with your kiddos.  Sure, we all want our kids to play outside, be creative and avoid being couch potatoes.  But a family movie night once or twice a week in the summer is just fine and dandy.  Plus, it’s relaxing, easy and involves popcorn.  Perfect.

#3 Public Pools – Okay, so would I rather have my very own pool in the privacy of my backyard?  Of course.  But, I don’t.  Which is probably good for now considering that I’m busy raising two young children.  I don’t have time for pool maintenance.  Hopefully I will one day though.  Anyway, a good ol’ trip to the local public pool is just what the doctor ordered for energetic kiddos.  It only costs a few bucks per person to get in.  Plus if your kids are older and strong swimmers, you can just chill close by and soak up the sun.

#2 Chalk – As long as the concrete isn’t boiling hot (maybe a cloudy day would be best), sidewalk chalk can provide loads of fun and entertainment.  Not only can you and your kiddos draw fun pictures all over the driveway and patio, but you can also use the opportunity to help them learn.  Work on shapes, letters and numbers while using a variety of fun colors that the kids will love.  And sidewalk chalk is only a few bucks per pack.  I mean, come on.

#1 Water Hose – As you can see in the picture above, my 3-year-old loves playing with the water hose.  It doesn’t get much simpler than that.  It’s fun.  It’s cool.  It’s cheap (keep the water running low).  And it promotes the child’s imagination (my kiddo created a mud puddle that he drove his truck and tractor through over and over).  Plus, it makes for a super cute picture, right?

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