Kid-Free Getaways

My husband, Ryan, and I recently went on a trip to Los Angeles without our kiddos.  And as much fun as he had, I still found it tough to get out of town without the little ones.  If you’re like me, taking a kid-free vacation causes this twisted roller coaster of emotions.  I feel happy and free, yet guilty at the same time – guilty for spending money on myself and guilty for not being there to care for them.  Plus, I downright miss my babies when I’m away from them for more than a day.  I know there are tons of you out there that go through the exact same thing.  But we’ve got to balance doing good for our children and doing good for ourselves.  I genuinely believe that when the parents are happy that the children and entire home are happy.  As good, loving parents we must remember that these getaways are important and incredibly beneficial to the entire family.  Even a one night stay in a nearby hotel with a little room service will do wonders for your mood (no cooking or cleaning for anyone!).  And if you can’t take a vacation away from your kids, take smaller amounts of time when you can – date night (even if it’s in your own living room), a Sunday morning jog, a massage or even just 30 minutes to read.  I notice that I always feel happy and refreshed after time away, as long as I can shove away the guilt early in the process.  I think parent guilt is a normal, healthy feeling.  It shows that we have deep feelings and compassion for our children and our roles as parents.  But like just about everything else in life, it’s only good in moderation.  As I continue to battle the guilt and try to focus more on myself, I know that I will always put my children first and give them the most incredible life I can.  And just knowing that is confirmation enough that I’m doing a great job as their mom.  So let’s all take advice from my husband and “don’t worry about it”.  😊

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2 thoughts on “Kid-Free Getaways

  1. I agree with you. It is good to have some time away from your kids and you know they are in good care.

  2. I also agree with everything said.

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