Frugal Friday: Your Local Library

Happy Frugal Friday!  Today’s money saving tip is all about your local library.  We have recently been utilizing our local library for story times, books and more.  It’s an excellent and FREE way to have an outing with your child, while also exposing them to reading and other fun stuff.  I must admit that taking along my 17-month-old daughter with us can be interesting, as libraries are typically quiet places.  But overall, we haven’t had any super dramatic disasters.  When we go in to check out books I just make sure I have a drink to occupy her, and then we work as quickly as possible to pick what we want to take home.  The staff is always very helpful, which makes things much easier when you’ve got two little ones under the age of 5 in a library.  Our local library also has story times for little ones as well as special exhibits from time to time.  When I got my library card this year I realized that I hadn’t had one since I was a teenager.  But it feels great to teach my kiddos about these free, local resources so that they can begin having a connection to reading and to the local community.  So do yourself and your kiddos a favor and check out what your local library has to offer.

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