Strawberry Pickin’

KK Romy strawberries

Who doesn’t love the idea of picking fresh fruit for your family to enjoy without even having to grow it yourself?  If you’re in the Houston area, you’re in luck.  South of the city in Alvin, you’ll find Froberg’s Farm.  Spring is strawberry season at Froberg’s, where you can head out into the field and pick your very own berries to take home.  It’s just $1.00 for a bucket, plus $2.00 per pound.  We ended up bringing home about 5 pounds of strawberries on a recent trip and ate strawberries every day for nearly a week at our house.

Right near the strawberry fields in the Froberg’s store, you’ll find lots of other fresh produce, nuts, dried fruit and even fried pie!  Plus, Greak’s Smokehouse next door is serving up homemade sausage that you can smell in the air as soon as you get out of your car!
KK Rowdy Zach strawberries

This is such a great outing for young children.  It’s simple, inexpensive, educational and fun.  With just a few weeks of strawberry-picking season left, head over to Froberg’s soon.

Froberg’s Farm

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