To My Kindergartener

The day has come, kiddo.  It’s time for “big kid school”.  Can you believe it?  No problem, right?  You’ve got this.  After all, you’ve accomplished so much over the past 5 years.  Kindergarten is just another new adventure to add to your list of experiences so far.  And, boy, is that list long…

Do you remember when you were born and how scared I was and how so many people came there to meet you?  How our entire family felt such incredible happiness and purpose in life simply due to your mere existence?  I do.

Do you remember when you took your first steps at our house with your Daddy watching on Skype from many miles away and how overjoyed we were to share the moment together?  I do.

Do you remember your first smile, your first Halloween, your first solid food, your first airplane ride, your first swim lesson, your first road trip?  I do.

Do you remember your first day of preschool when you still pronounced “Mommy” as “Meemy” and cried and cried for me when I was leaving and how I cried for the entire walk back to my car?  I do.

Do you remember when you became a big brother then ignored your baby sister for 2 months before finally deciding to love her more than you love anyone else in the world?  I do.

You don’t remember these things, but they’re yours as much as they are mine.  For everything thus far that lives in my memories instead of yours, I will hold tight and share them with you for forever.  And that includes today, your first day of kindergarten.  I don’t know what will happen.  I don’t know who will be nice and who will not.  I don’t know what they’ll tell you or what they’ll show you.  I don’t know how it will all make you feel.  But I do know you, my kind, funny, silly, sensitive, cautious, smart, creative little angel.  My love, my life, my kindergartener.

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