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Science Project from

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Science Project:

How do Concave and Convex Objects Refract Light Differently?

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5 Things That Surprised Me About Homeschooling My Kids

A dear friend of mine, along with her husband, decided that she would begin homeschooling 2 of their 3 children this year.  After previously having them enrolled in private school, they made this decision after much thought, consideration and prayer. Here are 5 things that have surprised her about homeschooling so far.  5-things-that-surprised-me-about-homeschooling-my-kids Continue reading

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School Days are Cool Days!

The tears have dried up.  Routines have been created.  And the weather will soon be changing (I mean, not like REAL soon here in Houston, but you know).  School has been in session for a couple of weeks for many of us now.  With my oldest child in kindergarten, I’m still not quite used to this whole school thing.  Sure, he went to preschool.  But that was just part time.  His school now goes from 8am to 3:05pm, 5 days per week.  And, although I got quite sentimental about kindergarten in the days leading up to his first day, I’m now seeing the beauty…the relief…the freedom.  Granted, I’ve got a 2-year-old that is with me almost 24/7, with the exception of her 10 hours per week at “school”.  But I can still feel the changes that have occurred and can only imagine what it will be like when she’s at big kid school, too.

First of all, nobody told me how lovely it feels to just go to the damn grocery store on a Thursday alone while these kind strangers are taking care of my children.  Why don’t more parents talk about that?  It’s amazing!  There’s no babysitter.  No grandparents are doing me a favor.  I don’t have that same guilt that I used to feel when I went running errands alone while someone was watching my kiddos.  I mean, these folks are getting paid to watch and teach my kids.  It’s their job.  I shouldn’t feel guilty about people doing their job, right?  Of course not. Continue reading