5 Things That Surprised Me About Homeschooling My Kids

A dear friend of mine, along with her husband, decided that she would begin homeschooling 2 of their 3 children this year.  After previously having them enrolled in private school, they made this decision after much thought, consideration and prayer. Here are 5 things that have surprised her about homeschooling so far.  5-things-that-surprised-me-about-homeschooling-my-kids

  1. I’ve found that it’s hurtful when someone criticizes our decision, without full understanding of homeschooling, as if we don’t love our kids enough to do what’s right for them.
  2. I get to watch my kids learn things for the first time and be a part of their excitement and the confidence that is built from their new skill.  I watched my daughter read her first word without assistance.
  3. Rather than driving each other crazy, the way you might expect, it has actually strengthened my relationship with my kids and brought our family even closer together.
  4. I work from home, so it has been so rewarding to be able to show my kids what work actually looks like.  I also get to show them how to handle the boundaries I set for them for when I’m on the phone or working.
  5. Our evenings are filled with sports and other activities, just like most families out there.  Its wonderful that I get to spend more time with them by homeschooling during the day, since evenings are usually so busy and hectic.

5 Things by Teah Tracy

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