Toddler Tantrums & Tricks: Learning to Laugh At It All

by Jasmine Hewitt, guest blogger

Learning is Living…

And you learn a lot once you have a child. You learn things you never would have known, or even thought about. For instance, today I learned how impossible it is to keep a toddler away from a cardboard box. It’s as if they are part-cat. If I fits, I sits. And climbs. And I stick all my toys inside.

Toddlers put things in all kinds of weird places. Ever rummage through your purse looking for your chapstick, only to find a small Tonka Truck? Clothes hanger in the bathtub? My shoes had Cheerios in the bottom of them, which would be great if I’m ever stuck on a deserted island.

And, god forbid they ever catch you throwing those stale Cheerios away. The way I sneak to the trash can, you’d think I were smuggling drugs across the border.

The learning experience never ends…

Each day is a new adventure! I try saying that with enthusiasm, but honestly? It’s exhausting.  Because who knew putting a toddler to bed could sometimes be the equivalent of babysitting a drunk person. Eventually, after we’ve sang every song, told every story, and left him in the crib a dozen times (only to get him back out 15 minutes later), there is but one option. Allow him to run all over the living room with a slipper in one hand, and a cat toy in another, until he passes out in the middle of the room with his hand down his diaper. After the third time this exact scenario happened, I started asking my husband if he was slipping nips to our toddler.

You mostly learn about yourself

Patience. Willpower. Strength. No, wait, I’m sorry. That’s what my toddler sucked out of me today, not what I discovered I had. I’m joking, but you really do find out the true value of the qualities you possess, as a parent. It’ll be nestled somewhere between the 20th temper tantrum of the day, and that sweet baby snuggle you get somewhere before the lil squirt finally falls asleep. But, it’ll be there. And that’s what will get you through the day, it’s realizing that no matter what surprises this parenting life will throw your way, you’ll overcome them. And learn in the process.

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1 thought on “Toddler Tantrums & Tricks: Learning to Laugh At It All

  1. Haha this is awesome! Sometimes at the end of the day, I feel completely replete of strength, willpower, and patience. Fortunately, I usually wake up with full reserves again…but not always. And there are certainly times when putting my toddler to bed resembles babysitting a drunk person. Thanks for this hilariously relatable post.

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