The Little Gym: No Indoor Voices Allowed

The Little Gym August 2017
Programs at The Little Gym of Pearland provide children with so much more than an outlet for burning energy. Research shows that encouraging purposeful, repetitive, active play in young children provides a wealth of physical, developmental, and cognitive benefits and may be the key to fostering confident, successful kids.

For babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, our classes help to establish healthy, active habits, and foster important social skills like listening and cooperation. For older children, our classes complement and enhance the traditional school experience by building confidence, managing anxiety, and increase self-esteem and cognitive skills.

At The Little Gym of Pearland, we believe that kids should be able to act like kids. And we also believe fun environment are especially conducive to the kind of learning that prepares kids for life’s adventures. That’s why we encourage every child in our programs to giggle, shout, and holler to their hearts’ content. After all, when kids join in on the hoopla, they’re more excited to engage in the world around them.

Provided by: Kevin Berry of The Little Gym of Pearland

Not enrolled yet? It’s not too late to jump in and join the fun! Visit to check out our schedule then contact a team member to secure your child’s spot. Enroll for Season 2017-18 and get FREE open gym every week- starts August 20! There’s also 2 weeks left of Summer Camps, call (713) 340-0042 to squeeze in a few more days!

Think your child is wonderful? Join the Club! WonderKids Club is an enrichment program for preschool-ages children, 3-5 yrs. Instructor-lead immersive play, arts & crafts, story time- even LEGOs! Combine with a gymnastics and/or Sports Prep class for even more fun! Join us for a FREE preview, Mon Aug 21 11:30-1:30. Call (713) 340-0042 to save your spot, and remember to bring a sack lunch!

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