Rebel Mom

Making our “bad guy” faces.

I am many things, but “rebel” I am not.  Anyone that knows me well knows that I’m not interested in skydiving.  I remember and abide by driving and traffic laws daily (use your damn blinkers!).  I’m a rule-follower, a good girl, a “nice guy”.  So it’s not surprising that when my first child, Rowdy, was born, I was reading up on all of the up-to-date baby rules – crib rules, food rules, diaper rules, bath rules…it’s never ending.  And while someone like me with no baby experience whatsoever surely benefits some from reading all that stuff, it can also create obstacles and close your mind, to a certain degree.  So, in the great tradition of having subsequent children, I loosened up when my daughter was born and started breaking some of those rules.  These days I try to choose wisely what I’ll actually let myself get stressed over versus what’s just not worth worrying about.  It’s an art, I tell you.  Sometimes I feel like I deserve some sort of a prize (or even just a polite applause) when my don’t-worry-about-this light bulb turns on and I choose to let it roll off my shoulders.  Back in the day not much rolled off my shoulders at all (and my massage therapist will confirm it), but now that my kids are almost 2 and almost 5, the panic level within me has decreased.  So just for fun, I thought I’d share with you a list of “rules” I break as a parent on a regular basis, which obviously turns me into a rebel now, right? 

  1. I let my kids eat their ice cream cones from Chick-Fil-A before they eat their meal.
  2. I give my kids dessert every day as long as they do a “good job” with their dinner.  The definition of a “good job” is determined on a meal-by-meal basis.
  3. Yes, we read a bedtime book almost every night, but we also watch a cartoon right before that almost every night after bath.
  4. Speaking of cartoons, my kids watch multiple tv shows per day. Yes, we go outside in good weather, and yes there are limits. But overall, they probably watch a little more than an “expert’s” daily recommendation.
  5. More about tv… some days they get to watch a show while they eat lunch.  We don’t do that at every meal, but it definitely happens every once in a while.
  6. I don’t have any plans to make them go to a particular college or university.  They need to learn things and acquire a skill, of course.  But if that doesn’t happen at a traditional university, it’s cool.
  7. I’ve taken them on airplanes…a lot.  We may not have to fly as a family at all this year, but last year due to my husband’s temporary work location, they flew 7 round trips in 11 months.
  8. My husband and I drink alcohol in their presence.  I mean, nobody’s getting lit while our kiddos are under our care, of course.  But it’s not taboo in our house to have a glass of wine or a beer with our kids around.  Cheers!
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